We Are Creative Nerds

Khayal Studio is a software development company believes in the Philosophy of “Winning the audience soul attention needs Engagement, engagement need Entertainment”.

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Puzzle Solvers

We are puzzles lovers, every partner has a special requirements and needs and we love to solve it and deliver something special.

Ninja Passion

What makes a ninja is the passion for what's he doing, we have the passion of a ninja in every single subject we work on.

Quality Builders

We have a watch in our office and we are driven by our passion, so we always deliver our solutions on time and above the standerds.

Khayal Studio

We don't make games, we gamify life... !

Native Games

We design and develop native games for multi platforms PCs, Smart Devices and virtual reality headsets, we deliver Special Games customized for customers special events.

Process Gamification

By applying Game concept to real life activities we can make them more interactive, enjoyable and engaging. Gamification can be applied to different sectors Education, Enterprise Mgmt, and Society Behavior Control.

Architecture VR

We are rebuilding Architecture Presentation concepts and provide interactive virtual reality presentation tours. With gaming Techniques ARC virtual Tour can be equipped with real time customizations.

Cross Platform Development

As everyone now has a mobile and can access the internet, we develop solutions which can be developed once and deployed on multiple platforms -web,android,mac ..etc-, our strategy is to minimise the costs and deliver high end solution.

Happy Partners

"Make the customer's problem your problem. By solving their problems and needs, you create a Partnership" -Shep Hyken